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Into my dancing body, I also carry some scientific blood. 


I have a background in engineering with specialization in sustainable buildings and cities.


Through my dance and performance practice, I am exploring ways of using the body and sound as vehicles for navigating through the space. By moving the body in space and developing a profound understanding of its kinesiology, one can develop an embodied knowing of orientation and a kinaesthetic understanding of space. Using the body to trace the space, one activates the sensorial perception, which actually gives a “lived experience” of space, rather than only a perceived one. Moreover, through dance and movement, one can become aware of the anatomy of the body, its alignment and internal architecture and in this way one could also develop an embodied knowledge of the outer Architecture.


I believe that this way of experiencing, “living” and “embodying” the space can inspire a new relationship between the body and its surroundings and consequently inspire a new way for designing buildings and cities that are more alive and include or -even better- enhance our senses and bodily experiences (multisensory design approach in architecture).  By enhancing our bodily awareness, we are more likely to imagine design solutions for our urban environment that are more holistic, not harmful to the environment and include the human being as a whole. I envision that one day we will be able to design the urban environments similar to the natural landscapes, that are organic, dynamic, responsive, flexible, active, participatory, aesthetically pleasant and even regenerative.


My goal is to develop a cross-disciplinary research between dancers, musicians, architects and planners with the aim to create a series of performances, installations, interventions in space that could challenge the way we see and experience the urban environment.


The main questions to investigate:

  • How the architecture and the structure of the building/space can inspire the way the body moves and the music created?

  • And how the moving body and the sounds placed in the space can create a new paradigm for designing the building itself?


I strongly believe that experiencing architecture and space through body and through sound can bring forth totally new ways for designing the places we inhabit.



Dance with Buildings

Dance with Buildings

Photo credit: Sara Anke Project under development

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