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Performing life and other experiences

I dance, I walk, I sing, I talk.


My name is Electra.

This is an ancient Greek name. I inherited it from my grandmother.

I dance from an urge to morph the space.

Through my performance works, I aim to reveal the poetry hidden in everyday spaces, in everyday feelings, in everyday scenes, in everyday bodies. Having the human body as a tool and guide, I aim to explore through the senses and the various body tissues how we perceive, experience, and relate to space, to sound, to light,  to each other...


My practice mingles principles from Instant Composition, New Dance, Improvisation, Somatics, Devised Theatre and Live Art


The work is mostly site-specific.


I get inspired by the architecture of the space; both the physical geometries and social narratives that reside in the place.

I use the moving body and the sound as means to experience the space. I work closely with musicians to study the spatial aspects of sound and use movement as a means to create an embodied understanding of the environment.

The performance is for me a ritual, which I share wholeheartedly with whoever is in the space at this moment of time. The viewers, the listeners are not for me just the audience. They are my partners. My partners in crime.


I take them by the hand. They take me by the hand.

And we enter together in this experience.


In this experience of wonders.


We go together.


Step by step.



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