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Athens, different locations, 2004


A series of performances in urban sites exploring ‘the city’ – its geographies, its memories, its rhythms, its appetites.


Each performance took place in a different location for a different duration and for a different size of audience. The location remained a secret until the last moment when the audience were informed by phone of where the performance would take place.


“So there’s this girl I know. And she was going out with some friends one evening and it starts to rain and she says wait a minute and runs back to get an umbrella. And she’s going round this corner and she runs into this guy, literally runs into him, bang. And she’s saying sorry and they start laughing and now they are married and they have a kid. And it was just that moment, just that moment, that chance.”


Chance encounters, stolen glimpses, missed connections.

All of us want to find our place in the world. But where is it and what is it?

How does a space in the city become ‘our place?’ What makes it special?


My house. My home. My school. The park where we kissed for the first time. The Cemetery. The supermarket. The place with the best coffee. The street with the dead bodies. A place to see the City from above. The church where I was married. The house that collapsed in the earthquake. The place I saw you for the last time. The secret heart of the city.



Performers: Gigi Argyropoulou, Vasiliki Dimou, Evangeli Fili, Electra Kikk, Elena Passou, Nikos, Sabalis, Sofia Touliou, Loukas Valentis, Natassa Xydi


Direction: Peader Kirk



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