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May 2015


A durational, on-going performance, part of the Performers Exhibition at Dokhuis Gallery, in Amsterdam.

Audience was allowed to enter and exit at any moment, like in any museum or exhibition space. More performances took place simultaneously in the space, until in the end they all became one.

Duration: 2h


Welcome to the world of Personas.

Thank you very much for coming. I will sing for you a song from my country.

You, take a moment and look at your body.

Try to feel the air around it.

Check the curves in your hands.

How much space is there between your fingers? 

How much space is there between my elbows and your ribs?

....If I stand for very long like this, what comes to your mind?...

...Personally, from this angle, I feel like....



Concept and Performance: Carla Roisin Behal, Electra Kikk




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