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June 2014


For the kick-off of Utrecht Day of Architecture, Iris van Peppen and The Company collaborated with Expodium to create the NIGHTWALKERS, a collective night stroll in the city followed by a discussion about the subconscious relations between the participants and the land they walked on.


The audience was given a map with a suggested path in Merwede neighbourhood, the "dodgy" suburbs of Utrecht and a headphones set with a composed soundscape. While following the dots of the path, the audience was having encounters with the DI U&A dancers.



Concept: Expodium, Iris van Peppen and DI U&A dancers


Dance: Donika Davids, Dipa Flohr, Annabel Garriga, Wendy Jansen, Electra Kikk, Susan van den Berg, Paty Velasquez



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