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November 2015, Van Eesteren Museum,  Museum Night , Amsterdam


"Buildings are empty at night.

They are silent.

But I can hear them breathing.

I walk through their corridors and I hear them humming.

Buildings are empty at night. But I climb on the doors and I can see them dancing.

I see them dancing here, in front of me. They are dancing here, with me.

Buildings are empty at night, but they don’t go to sleep."



Notturno 2 is part of Electra’s body of site specific works exploring the architecture of buildings through the body and through sound.

For the night exploration of the building of Van Eesterenmuseum, Electra joined forces with the Italian singer, sound artist and composer Marialuisa Capurso. 

In this project the artists worked in relationship with the architecture of the building and the human landscape created by the audience spread in the space.



Marialuisa Capurso: Vocals

Electra Kikk: Dance

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