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June 2014


An experiential sight-seeing performance at the Fort bij Rijnauwen in the outskirts of Utrecht, Netherlands.


The Fort Rijnauwen was built in 1868 to protect the city of Utrecht against attacks from the East. Nowadays, throughout many years of isolation, it has become a natural reserve and a refuge of many threatened plants and animals. The place has a very tranquile and kind of sacred atmosphere, while nature seems to have taken over any human signs and memories.


Together with the tour guide Hans Nap, Iris van Peppen and The Company created an experience that could be called neither a tour nor a performance, but rather a performative tour.



Concept and choreography: Iris van Peppen and The Company


Dance: Electra Kikk, Annabel Garriga, Dipa Flohr, Susan van den Berg, Janneke Wieberdink, Wendy Jansen, Donika Davids, Sarah Jeffery


Flute: Sarah Jeffery



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